Elton: Day 14

Today’s phrase that pays has been, “the pain is worth the gain.”  This is a foreign concept to someone who has had minimal treatment for hemophilia and therefore interprets all pain as bad.  Pain to Elton signifies an internal bleed, which inevitably leads to rest and inactivity.  He is learning however that exercise involves a “good” form of pain that is necessary for his muscles and joints.

This afternoon was Elton’s hardest rehab session thus far. Furthermore, Elton discovered that his pain killers were the cause of some fierce migraine headaches. He has since downgraded to Tylenol, which is working much better. Please pray that Elton doesn’t lose heart as he encounters some of these challenges.

Made it up stairs   More stairs

Peekaboo Elton

Working the quads

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Chris Castaldo (PhD, London School of Theology) is the lead pastor at New Covenant Church in Naperville, Illinois. He is the author of Talking with Catholics about the Gospel and coauthor of The Unfinished Reformation.


  1. Dear Chris and Family:

    This has been a truly inspiring gift from God….that you shared it with all of us was a blessing….a blessing to realize how good the Lord is to each of us….our prayers will continue for Elton, and for your family….

    In Christ,
    Sal and Pat Cirrincione

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