Elton: Day 15

Chocolate pancakes. That’s what we ate for breakfast this morning. It’s part of Angela’s crafty culinary cabal to get Elton to eat. You can imagine how this works. Like most Italian mothers, Angela feels called by God to feed guests as much food as they can possibly eat (in truth she’s concerned that he has enough calories to recuperate). Elton, on the other hand, is not accustomed to eating quite so often, especially when he’s in pain. Herein lies the problem. But this morning Angela found the solution: chocolate! You see, Elton loves chocolate. So now she just works a little chocolate into her recipe and everyone is happy.

Hanging with the boys

Elton woke up this morning at 4:00am, drank down some raw eggs, said goodbye to his turtles, Cuff and Link, and went for a jog. Okay, not really; but he is “getting strong now” in good Rocky Balboa fashion. Thanks to Elton’s physical therapist, Nancy, he is making marked improvement with each day. 

Gettin Strong Now

The time had come. Actually, I’m a little embarrassed that two weeks have passed without me having taken Elton to Starbucks Coffee. You might say that this is my hobby. Some guys do woodworking or play racquetball, I like to drink espresso with a friend or with my nose in a book. On this occasion Elton and I visited the local Barnes and Noble Bookstore where they have a cafe. He educated me on some cultural and religious conventions of Zimbabwe. It was a blast.

Starbucks Baby

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Chris Castaldo (PhD, London School of Theology) is the lead pastor at New Covenant Church in Naperville, Illinois. He is the author of Talking with Catholics about the Gospel and coauthor of The Unfinished Reformation.


  1. Hello Folks,
    So happy to see your smiling faces at a Starbucks. Keep up the great work, Elton and don’t let anybody make you drink raw eggs. Stick with chocolate. My family reads your site every day and we are so happy with your progress and diligence.

    My husband is 100% Italian and an unbelievable chef. He made chocolate pasta last Christmas. It isn’t what you think…it’s even better than that. He bought fresh linguini. Then, he made a standard cream sauce (using fat-free half and half) and he grated some dark chocolate into the sauce. Then, when the pasta was plated, he went around to each of our plates and grated even more dark chocolate on top of the pasta. We have had it about once each month since then.

    Take care and keep up the great work and letting us know how it’s going!

    (in Seattle)

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