Elton: Day 38

Nurse Simeon helped Elton this morning. Here, Elton is pictured infusing himself with factor nine, the medication that enables his blood to clot.

Nurse SimeonSelf Infusion

After “go go juice”—our name for factor, Elton lent his iPod to Simeon. I think the little guy has really taken to Bob Marley. 

Sim IPod

Nancy taught Elton a physical therapy technique involving a soccer ball. Team Zimbabwe is making a great comeback.

Nancy also taught us how to properly wrap a shoulder using an Ace Wrap. Luke served as the model.

shoulder wrappingshoulder wrapping 2

Following dinner Chris and Elton attended a lecture at Wheaton College by Dinesh D’Souza, best selling author of the book What’s So Great About Christianity. After Dinesh, Elton was clearly the other celebrity in the room as a host of people from College Church surrounded him with warm greetings. 


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