Beauty and Significance

In all of creation, there is no greater symbol than the cross of Christ, for on it the Savior bleed and died. A post with a crossbeam. Simple. Maybe even crude. But the cross is the most profound and beautiful sight in the world to those who understand its meaning.

In all of English literature there is perhaps no greater expression of the cross’s meaning than in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress chapter four:


“Christian ran this way until he came to a place on somewhat higher ground where there stood a Cross. A little way down from there was an open Grave. And I saw in my dream that just as Christian approached the Cross, his Burden came loose from his shoulders, fell from his back, and began to roll downward until it tumbled into the open Grave to be seen no more.

After this, Christian was glad and light. He exclaimed with a joyful heart, “Through His sorrows He has given me rest, and through His death He has given me Life.” Then he stood still for awhile to examine and ponder the Cross; for it was very surprising to him that the sight of the Cross alone had brought him complete deliverance from his Burden. So he continued to look and watch until springs of tears welled up in his eyes and came pouring down his cheeks.”

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