The Upside Down Kingdom: Wisdom for Life from the Beatitudes

In our sinful world, we often struggle with anxiety, loneliness, and heartache. Everywhere we look, we see broken families and divided communities. How can we truly cultivate God’s kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven” in such a broken place?

The Upside Down Kingdom applies the wisdom of Jesus’ Beatitudes, the counterintuitive vision of God’s new creation, the “blessed” life that he intends for his people—not just in the future, but here and now.

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A strange phenomenon has gripped Protestantism in recent decades: many of its best and brightest thinkers have converted to Roman Catholicism. Likewise, many earnest, normal believers have found Protestantism shallow in doctrine, history, ethics, and worship, and made the leap to Rome.

How can Protestants make sense of this? In this short and penetrating book, Brad Littlejohn and Chris Castaldo insightfully diagnose the psychological, theological, and sociological factors behind Protestant conversions to Rome.

With refreshing honesty, they find many converts’ criticisms of contemporary Protestantism to be warranted but argue that historic magisterial Protestantism has within it the answers to these objections and the resources for a Protestant renewal.
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Analyzing and comparing the doctrines of justification held by a legendary nineteenth-century Catholic, John Henry Newman, and an Italian hero of the Reformation, Peter Martyr Vermigli, this book uncovers abiding opportunities, as well as obstacles at the Catholic-Protestant intersection.

In addition to advancing scholarship on several issues associated with Newman’s and Vermigli’s doctrines, this works also illuminates reasons and attendant circumstances for conversion across the Tiber.

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Five hundred years ago, a Catholic monk and launched a gospel revolution in the history of Christianity. Today there continues to be several unresolved issues between the Protestant and Catholic churches, and many experience this ongoing division within their family and among friends and neighbors.

Written in an accessible and informative style, Gregg Allison and Chris Castaldo provide a brief and clear guide to the key points of unity and divergence between Protestants and Catholics today.

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There are 80 million Catholics in the United States, representing one of the country’s largest demographics. In Talking with Catholics about the Gospel, author Chris Castaldo answers the question: How can evangelical Protestants, most of whom are not from a Catholic background, understand and relate to Catholics in spiritual conversations?

Written in accessible, non-technical language, this book offers readers encouragement and practical insights for gracious and worthwhile discussions of faith with Catholic believers.

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Research indicates that, on average, Americans change their religious affiliation at least once during their lives. Journeys of Faith examines the movement between four Christian traditions and what led believers to make a shift.

Journeys of Faith provides readers with a series of first-hand accounts of thoughtful Christians changing religious affiliation or remaining true to the traditions they have always known and their rationale for those decisions.

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Drawing on hundreds of interviews with former Catholics who are now Evangelical Protestants, Chris has spent two years uncovering their most burning questions and concerns. In Holy Ground, he walks readers through these issues with personal warmth and pastoral sensitivity.

If you are tired of scratching your head in confusion about how your Catholic background relates to your current faith and why on earth your Catholic family believes you’ve gone off the deep end, you need this book. More than providing historical perspective, theological reflection, and practical lessons, Holy Ground is a dynamic exploration of how to emulate the grace and truth balance of the Lord Jesus Christ in relation to the Catholic people we love.

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