Elton: Day 27

If you’re going to shop for sporting goods, there is only one place to do it: Dick’s. At least this was our conclusion after cruising through the store in a boat. 

Rowing at Dick's

Rowing solo

This evening we had a lovely dinner at the Jackson’s home, our friends who spent decades in Zimbabwe. Their house is a slice of Africa in the middle of Wheaton. The following wall hanging is one of many beautiful pieces on display.


The meal was authentic in every way, right down to eating with our hands.

 preparing to eat 

In the above photo it’s dawning on me that this will involve a paradigm shift away from utensils.

hand washing

In keeping with Zimbabwean custom, one of the females carries a water basin and towel to each family member. In this photo Elton is showing me proper hand-cleaning technique.


Elton is spooning out some sadza, the staple cornmeal dish of Zimbabwe. It’s similar to the Italian polenta, or at least that’s what I told my boys (below). The dishes that accompanied it were scrumptious.

zimbabwe boys

For the remainder of the day Elton enjoyed spending time on his new laptop.

well connected

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