Elton: Day 9

Elton’s pain seems to have diminished significantly since yesterday. In fact, the improvement was obvious to Angela and me upon entering his room.

Thankfully, my in-laws took our children last night so that my wife and I could visit RUSH immediately after church. We arrived in the early afternoon to find Elton typing on a laptop and watching NASCAR.  He showed me some YouTube videos of his favorite African R&B artists and then I helped him send emails to his friends back home.

hospital on computer

We finally managed to obtain a calling card that successfully reaches Zimbabwe. Elton called his buddy, Nigel, who is a youth leader in his Catholic parish. It was fun to see Elton’s countenance enlivened as they spoke.

Elton phone hospital Elton phone hospital 2

Earlier this morning we were told that Elton would be released this afternoon; however, upon further evaluating Elton’s knee the doctors concluded that he’s not quite ready. He is currently scheduled to discharge tomorrow.

Angela was touched by Elton’s response to her question about whether he was happy in the hospital. He said, “Yes, but I’d rather be at home with your family.” I think it struck one of her maternal chords, for she mentioned it more than once. 

Here is Elton posing with the balloons and bear Laurie Kelley sent to the hospital.  It certainly brightens up the room.  Elton also received a load of art supplies.  So we are eagerly waiting for his first Picasso to hang up in our home.

Elton at hospital

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