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Sharing the gospel isn’t a task. It’s a way of life, lived out in ways too numerous to count. Being able to tell others about Jesus is a blessing each follower of Christ is given.

But how do we do this well? How do we winsomely and lovingly be his ambassadors? This is what Evangel-vision >> is about…learning from each other, being inspired by each other, and then going out and letting the light of Jesus shine as a light upon a hill.

Evangel-vision >> is a collective of 44 regular voices from all facets of life, plus a number of guest bloggers sharing their passion and wisdom from time to time. Voices of Jesus-followers who have accepted the blessing of sharing Jesus with others. It is sponsored by the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, which has a mission to "accelerate global evangelism," but in the end it’s a community of people who have a similar love of the gospel and desire to see every person know the love of Jesus. May this place be one where you find the nudge of the Spirit guiding you to winsomely share Jesus with those in your midst.

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