Fear No More

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This is re-post from earlier in the year. Quite frankly, I needed it. There is something convicting and also relieving about hearing your own voice provide the exhortation that your soul happens to need. Perhaps these words will serve you as they have me.

Fear captivates the mind. And for many of us, this detention is more than a momentary event. It resembles Michel de Montaigne’s portrait when he said, “My life has been full of terrible misfortune, most of which has never happened.” Thus, fear dominates our mental and emotional framework to the extent that it occupies the horizon of our vision.

Jesus, however, confronted fear once and for all.

With the specter of death squarely before him, Jesus endured the cross. He died, and, in doing so, he experienced the most profound terror imaginable. The one who had been in perfect fellowship with the Father from eternity past was forsaken. Divine wrath was unleashed with such unmitigated fury that Jesus’ relationship with God was eclipsed by the horror of holiness.

The above podcast explains why the victory of Christ makes our most terrifying fears nothing more than a hollow threat.

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