God Bless Lita!

Lita Schlueter

Anyone from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary knows the name Lita Schlueter. If you want to see what it looks like when the gifts of encouragement and a “prayer warrior” come together, look at Lita.

Maybe I should back up one step. For the last three days I have been visiting Gordon-Conwell, north of Boston. After presenting a Pastor’s Forum yesterday on the topic of Holy Ground, I enjoyed meeting with various colleagues in the area. It’s been nine years since I was last on campus. Consequently, I’m walking in a cloud of nostalgia, enjoying memories at every turn.

Now, back to Lita Schlueter. Lita has been the dean of Students here at Gordo-Conwell for many years. Everyday she prays through the pictorial directory of students, lifting individuals, spouses and children by name before the throne of God. As a result, Lita not only knows the names of everyone on campus, she also knows names of family members and many of their personal concerns. Her genuine love, forged in the discipline of prayer, is profoundly inspirational.

This morning while pouring my coffee I heard someone call my name. “Hi Chris, it’s great to see you. Welcome back to campus!” It was Lita. Once again, I’m inspired.

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