Going to Church on Sunday

imageTheologians sometimes use the word “homoliturgicus” to describe the innate desire of humans to worship (why exactly we are drawn to such nomenclature is a subject for another post). Of the various ways in which this desire finds expression, “going to church on Sunday” is undoubtedly one of them. We are left wondering, however, what is it about the experience of corporate worship that draws us into the pew each week?

I am curious to know whether a Protestant perspective on this question differs significantly from a Catholic one. So, I’ve asked my friend, Frank Beckwith, if he would pose the following to Catholic readers of his blog while, at the same time, I ask you. Here it is.

How would you complete the following sentence? I enjoy going to church on Sunday because ____________________.

Please enter your answer in the comment section and then you may want to read the answers that are posted on Frank’s blog.

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