Introducing Brian LoPiccolo

Brian and I grew up just 25 minutes from one another on Long Island, but unfortunately we didn’t meet one another until only ten years ago at Gordon-Conwell Seminary where we were classmates. I remember thinking after our first conversation: what a shame I didn’t meet this guy sooner. Brian is a brilliant musician, theologically astute pastor, and positively good-natured person. And maybe his most notable quality is his absolutely hilarious sense of humor.

Brian’s first CD, titled The Angry Sea, was just released. Do yourself a favor and visit his website to hear some sample songs. You’ll be glad you did. Following is a little of Brian’s autobiography:

IMG_1836-1_cropped“I was born in Brooklyn NY and grew up on eastern Long Island. Studied music in Potsdam NY, studied theology in Boston. Currently serve as associate pastor and music director of a church in Pasadena MD. I live in Pasadena with my wife and four kids – fifth on the way! I’m a recent cancer survivor. I love my wife and family, and enjoy music, novels, food, and giant Sequoias.

Some influences in historical order: Moses, Jesus of Nazareth, Paul, the Protestant reformers, Beethoven, Dostoyevsky, CS Lewis, Tolkein, Miles Davis, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Keith Green, U2, Magic Johnson, Don Mattingly, Bob Boucher, They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, Dave Matthews, Seinfeld, Haddon Robinson, Tim Keller, and of course, my family and my Italian American roots. (And I’ll give Lao Tzu and honorable mention…and Nacho Libre…)”

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