Introducing Ramon Presson

When I was a new Christian, the Lord graciously put me under the wing of a mentor who changed my life—a pastor, who taught me to read the Bible, pray, and to be committed to the local church. As years passed, I lost touch with this friend, and then last year, thanks to the ubiquitous reach of social media, we reconnected. Ramon Presson, author and founder of LifeChange Counseling Services, is still serving Christ with his gifts of speaking and writing.

A few months ago Ramon sent me his latest book, When Will My Life Not Suck? One day after receiving it, my Sister, Jeanette, who was visiting from New York, picked it up from my coffee table and started to read it. In her words, “I can’t put this book down and I must bring it home to finish it.” She promised to mail it back to me, but, after raving about it to some friends, she has since lent it out. All of that to say, I hope to post a review soon. In the meantime, checkout the promo video.

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