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LST Library

I want to praise God for the fruitful occasion of ministry that I enjoyed in Europe last week. After meetings in London, I proceeded to Italy where I spoke in two Roman churches, a visit to Fucecchio, and then finally two venues in Bologna. I look forward to describing more about the work of renewal which our Lord is advancing on the Peninsula. In the meantime, I want to share a funny story with you, an experience I had in London in which I did a Mr. Bean. If it’s true that laughing at yourself causes the whole world to laugh with you, then this one should stimulate some amusement. 

After lunch I decided to visit the London School of Theology library to do some reading. Once again the weather was just beautiful. For the third day in a row, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky–a very rare thing indeed for England. So after enjoying a walk outside, I entered the library building. Upon doing so, I heard some lovely classical music playing. Immediately, I thought, "how nice, this dignified and melodious sound fills the air and feels so appropriate in this English environment." Walking through the entrance area, I opened the doors to the library proper, and, to my surprise, the music was also playing. "Fascinating." "I have never heard music *inside* a library before. As I proceeded to walk by numerous tables full of students, they all looked at me with a rather inquisitive expression. Thinking nothing of it, I continued to walk toward the rear of the library. While doing so, I noticed that the sound of the music was perfectly even and consistent wherever I walked, as though it followed me. "My," I thought; "they have some sound system in this library." Moments later I arrived at a vacant table and had a new thought, "Wow, this song is the very same one that is cued in the music library of my iPad." And then a nano-second later the light bulb illumined and my eyeballs jetted out of my head. Yes, that’s right–somehow my iPad was turned on in my bag and playing at full volume. I was carrying the sound with me the entire time.

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