Ministry in Italy: Please Pray for Us

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A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not quench (Matt 12:20)

At this time in history, evangelical churches on the Italian peninsula are like a growing flame. Thanks to an unusual movement of the Spirit, they are experiencing a deeper level of gospel-centered worship and outreach. Many of these ministries, however, are fragile and needing help.

Over the next two weeks, I am scheduled to visit Italy to provide evangelism training through lectures, preaching, and gatherings with pastors. We will also have a few venues that are open to the public. Moreover, we are creating nearly ten devotional videos at locations of historical significance intended to elucidate the gospel for the church. Once produced, these videos will be featured through a range of media as a way to encourage and train leaders around the world.

Would you please pray for us? Collin Hansen of The Gospel Coalition and JJ Oslund of College Church in Wheaton will also be present. With a remarkably full schedule, we are trusting God to provide us with the requisite stamina and unction to be effective servants. Following is our itinerary. Lord willing, I hope to tweet along the way, so, if you’re the tweeting type, check us out @chriscastaldo. Thanks you!

Thur 5th Sept Arrival in Venice

Fri 6th Giornate teologiche Padova. “From the Gospel to Evangelization: The Good News to the World.”

Sat 7th Giornate teologiche Padova. “Evangelization as a Lifestyle for Churches and Individual Christians.”

Sun 8th Preaching in the Padova church

Mon 9th Trent. Meeting with local churches

Tue 10th Bologna. Meeting with local churches associated with Pastor Mark Brucato

Wed 11th Torino. Seminar on Revival by Collin Hansen

Thur 12th Video filming in Lucca and Florence

Fri 13th Visiting Rome and Chris lecturing on “Billy Graham and Present-day Evangelism”

Sat 14th Conference in Caltanissetta (Sicily) on Revival

Sun 15th Preaching in various Sicilian churches

Mon 16th Departure

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