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If you’re in the Chicago area during May 23-26, please join us at Moody Bible Institute’s annual Pastor’s Conference. I will present two break-out sessions on Thursday from my book, Holy Ground: Walking with Jesus as a Former Catholic. Here they are:

1. Understanding and Relating to the Catholic Church
The enterprise of constructive gospel engagement with Catholics requires a certain amount of knowledge into Church teaching and the general ways such thought finds expression in its people. In addition to exploring where the lines of continuity and difference fall, this session will examine the assumptions and caricatures of Catholic friends toward the Evangelical tradition and how such concerns can make conversations difficult.

2. Approaching Conversations with Catholic Friends and Loved Ones
So often we approach Catholics with an adversarial posture. Instead of manifesting the loving character of Jesus, we behave more like pit bulls foaming at the mouth. As Christ-followers, we must learn how to bridge the relational gap with grace and truth, preaching a biblically rooted message of grace in a warm-hearted voice of grace.

You can obtain more information about the Moody’s Conference by clicking on the above header.

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