Pakistan Church Blast Kills Dozens. Please Pray

Walking to my car on Sunday morning with my family in tow after worship in the tranquil suburb of Naperville, I received the following email from my Pakistani friend who recently returned to his homeland to teach theology and serve in a local church. Please pray for our dear brothers and sister who have been affected by this heinous tragedy.


At least 78 Christians were killed and over 110 were seriously injured as a result of an attack on an Anglican church ‘All Saints Church of Pakistan’ situated in the North-Western city of Peshawar.  The worshippers were attacked this morning as they were coming out of the church at the end of Sunday service.  The injured personnel are being treated at the Lady Reading hospital in Peshawar.
The whole Christian community in the country is extremely sad, shocked and terrified of this brutal attack.  Your prayers for those who have lost their loved ones in this incident shall be much appreciated.  Please pray for God’s peace for them and for His protection.  The Christian educational institutions have announced three days mourn throughout the country, and Christian leadership in the country has strongly condemned this attack.

More information may be obtained here.

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