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Award winning professor, author, and all around polymath, Lou Markos, has written a review of Holy Ground, which appears in this month’s edition of Touchstone Journal (when I first spoke with Lou by phone, I was so intimidated by his credentials that I succumbed to the temptation of asking whether he could play F-Troop with his armpit, just to prove that I had something on him. Ever since  then we’ve been buddies).

Here is how the review begins:

“I must admit that when I first read the sub-title of this book, I was nervous. "Oh no," I thought, "just when the dialog between Evangelicals and Catholics was getting both cordial and fruitful, here comes a book to sour the conversation." Then I read Holy Ground and was pleased to encounter an irenic tone, a teachable spirit, and an open mind and heart. Castaldo has no chip on his shoulder, no axe to grind, no parents or priests or school chums to get even with. … Now that is not to say that Castaldo is wishy-washy or tries to brush under the rug the very real disagreements between Catholics and Protestants. He acknowledges that differences exist, but unlike less irenic critics of Catholicism, he identifies correctly what those differences are.”

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