Save One Life

March is hemophilia awareness month, something our family is aware of since we have a son with the condition. Simply put, hemophilia is a disorder in which one’s blood fails to clot. Such people sometimes cannot stop bleeding on their own, which poses a host of potential problems, all of which improve your prayer life.

This may sound frightening, but for people in countries like the United States, there is medicine that can stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, for people in many parts of the world such medical care is unavailable, that is, with the exception of when they are assisted by Laurie Kelley’s phenomenal organization, Save One Life.

Save One Life is a nonprofit that offers sponsorships to individual children or adults with a bleeding disorder in developing countries. Because hemophilia can cause severe pain, crippling and even death when untreated, such provision is vitally important. In many countries there is usually no budget to purchase the blood-clotting medicine needed to sustain life. And for a disorder as rare as hemophilia, governments and social agencies usually cannot help. For under a dollar a day you can sponsor a child or adult with hemophilia.

Save One Life is dedicated to the bleeding disorders community, uses funds carefully and diligently, and has strong personal relationships with the organizations in developing countries (NGOs) that manage programs.

Many of you will recall that Elton, our guest from Zimbabwe, was a recipient of Save One Life (and still is, thankfully). Having seen the profound difference it made in his life, I’m compelled to tell you about it. More information is available on at

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