Seven Questions to Ask on Reformation Sunday

Reformation-Wall-Geneva 2

1. Ad Fontes. Do we read the Bible as often as we read books about the Bible?

2. Sola Scriptura. Is Scripture the supreme authority to which we direct thoughtful attention each day?

3. The Priesthood of Believers. Do our neighbors and friends see in us a commitment to gospel ministry worked out in a regular routine of service?

4. Sola Gratia. Do we recognize that our salvation was freely initiated by God, apart from anything we might have done, and that it will be completed in the same movement of grace?

5. Solus Christus. Do we enter God’s presence directly and with confidence by virtue of the high priesthood of Christ?

6. Sola Fide. Do we rest in our Lord’s finished work, accessed by faith alone, as the sole means of securing a relationship with God?

7. Soli Deo Gloria. Do we regularly communicate the good news of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and new creation, believing that the Holy Spirit will extend redemption through the foolishness of our preaching to save men and women?

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