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My childhood was deprived of two things in particular: Stretch Armstrong and a brother. The latter my parents had no control over, and the former was probably good for my character, at least that’s what I have been telling myself for the last four decades. I had a Sister, whom I loved, and continue to love; but I never had a brother.

Our gracious Lord eventually provided me with a brother when I came to Christ nearly twenty years ago. Quiet apart from my Mother’s birth canal, Pete Figliozzi is that brother. It was from our circle of guido’s (a technical term describing Italian Americans who are keen to confirm all of the painfully stereotypical traits associated with such an identity) that God unexpectedly and simultaneously called us to recognize our moral bankruptcy against the backdrop of Jesus’ beauty and redemption. It was extraordinary. Independent of one another, we both heard the gospel message and underwent rather dramatic conversions. It was that Friday evening at our favorite bar that we got to chatting and discovered that we had both been saved. It wasn’t long before our other friends regarded us as maniacs who had gone off the religious deep end. From that day forward we have been mirror images of one another (Yes, there is another one like me out there. Scary, isn’t it?).

So what do Italian delicacies have to do with my brother Pete? I’m glad you asked. Pete has recently fulfilled a dream by starting Famighetti Pantry, an Italian specialty item company with the finest oils, vinegars, meats, coffee, and bakery items. If you are searching for a gift for that special someone, and if you can’t find Stretch Armstrong, I wholeheartedly recommend Famighetti.

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