Special Thanks

Ralph MacKenzie, pictured below, has been my host, theological consultant, chauffer, chef, and good buddy. You may recall that Ralph coauthored a book with Norm Geisler titled Roman Catholics and Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences. With his doctrinal acumen and exceedingly affable personality, Ralph, with his lovely wife, Donna, are the unsung heroes of our San Diego visit.  The MacKenzie’s loving support has profoundly enriched the last week of ministry.

Ralph and Chris

Since I’m on the topic of expressing gratitude to friends, I must also thank my buddy Jimmy (pictured below) and his dear wife Julia who hosted me in Los Angeles. Jimmy and I go back to our Jimmy MarchCollege days at Moody where we started an open air preaching ministry. Together, we comprised a minority group on campus of Sicilian evangelicals (just the two of us). After serving in France for several years, Jim is now doing a Master of Divinity. Any friend who gives you his bed while he and his wife sleep on an air mattress is a friend indeed.

This evening (Wednesday) I delivered a presentation at First Church in San Diego, after having visited with pastors at two dynamic churches: The Rock and Maranatha.  Highlights and photos are forthcoming.

I intend to post a summary tomorrow of the overall trip. In the meantime, let me express heartfelt thanks to all of you for your prayerful support and encouragement! 

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