Was Jesus Political?

In the afterglow of Sunday evening’s Culture Impact Forum, I find myself reflecting on the extent to which gospel ministry should address the political world. My musings have been helped by the words of Pastor John Stott. Stott was ordained in 1945 and has served at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London as assistant curate, as Rector, and as Rector Emeritus since 1975. Stott’s broad interests in theology, Christology, evangelism, and apologetics are reflected in his many books.

The misconception that religion and politics do not mix is reinforced by the fact that Jesus was not political while on earth—at least in the common use of the term. Politics is often castigated as something evil and compromising—unworthy of Christian support and teaching. John Stott seeks to clear the confusion and answer the question, “Was Jesus political?”

Footnotes :

1 John R. W. Stott, Human Rights and Human Wrongs: Major Issues for a New Century (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1999), 27.

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