We see it in life and death, from the beginning to the end: blood. Scripture says that through the blood of Christ we’re freed from our sins (Rev. 1:5) and given the gift of peace (Col 1:20). For Angela and me, having a child with severe hemophilia, blood has additional significance.

Hemophilia is a condition in which one’s blood doesn’t clot. The process of coagulation is disrupted by the absence of a clotting factor, such that internal bleeding is nearly always a potential danger. The angst created by this ever-present possibility can be an occasion for anxiety, or it can be an opportunity for faith. And this Tuesday, when our son has nasal surgery in Chicago, we will be especially poised to exercise faith in the Lord’s gracious oversight.

Thanks to the blood of Christ, we have the capacity to not only walk in hope, but to know that the One who died on our behalf walks beside us.

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