What Do You Know?

I enjoy roving mic interviews, especially in urban settings among amusing people. In this video, the always funny Fr. Jack Collins CSP of Broken Halo exploits the ignorance of Catholics in New York, asking them about Mary’s “Assumption.”[1] By the way, just for the record, I am quite sure that if I were to stroll through Wheaton asking evangelicals to articulate their “order of salvation” or to explain “sola scriptura,” the outcome would look quite similar. In any event, as I watch Fr. Jack, I am reminded that, in addition to doctrinal reflection and dialogue, our gospel witness among Catholics, precisely because so many are doctrinally uninitiated, must also address the cultural and relational dimensions of Christian identity.


1. “CSP” is the religious order abbreviation for the “Congregation of Saint Paul” or “Paulists” (in case you were wondering).

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