Elton: Day 21

This evening we were blessed to receive a visit from Tom and Lois, former missionaries to Zimbabwe. Tom was raised in Harare as a missionary kid before coming to the US for college. There he met Lois (a native of Long Island—the place where pizza and bagels are properly made) before they returned to Zimbabwe for almost three decades of service with their family. He and Lois speak fluent Shona.  In the following video segment you can watch them singing to Elton in his native tongue.

Just in case you don’t understand Shona, they sung the final verse in English.

Words can’t describe how enjoyable it was to spend time with Tom and Lois. They belong to that small category of godly people whose presence inspires one to more ardently love and emulate Jesus. We hope to visit with them again soon in order for Lois to make Elton a Zimbabwean meal.

As for today’s physical therapy, Nancy had Elton kicking a soccer ball. When I came home from work I saw the ball and immediately started an indoor soccer game with my boys. For some reason Angela didn’t take pleasure in it—something about the lamp falling over.

After a hard session of soccer therapy, Elton enjoyed some Simeon therapy. Among other show-and-tell items, Simeon introduced Elton to LEGOS.

playing with Simeon

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