Elton: Day 20

Elton had his stitches removed today. I can’t imagine that any of you want to actually see this, but my wife assures me that there are other (weird) people like her who enjoy medical photos. The physicians assistant below is named David. We shared some laughs at RUSH Hospital when Elton was being prepped for surgery. He thought it was funny when I asked the Florentine anesthesiologist if it’s true that Italian docs use vino (Italian for wine) to anesthetize their patients. 

stitch removal

Elton had five stitches removed. Just sit back and let the pictures minister to your heart.

another stitch

What can I say, the kid has nice legs! There are no two ways about it. Swelling is down two and a half centimeters and this has been Elton’s best day since surgery in terms of the three E’s: eating, exercise, and energy level. 

Nice legs

The other answer to prayer was the arrival of Elton’s factor (the medication that causes his blood to clot). We used the last of his supply yesterday and were counting on another shipment today. When we pulled into our driveway from the doctor’s visit, two large boxes were waiting for us on the doorstep.

factor arrived

This is our son Simeon inside one of the boxes. He’s the first Castaldo in 1,500 years to have blond hair and blue eyes. I call him my “Arian Guido.”

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