Elton: Day 32

Brace yourself! Or more specifically, put on the neoprene orthopedic knee immobilizer. This is more fun than one should be allowed to have during Lent. Just fasten a metal rod onto your leg with lots of duct tape and tighten it until the veins in your neck protrude and you’ll get a sense of what it feels like.

walking with brace

In between leg exercises, Elton enjoyed playing cards with the boys. He taught them a new version of “Crazy Eights,” which we also played tonight.

Crazy 8s

This is among the most exciting photos that we’ve taken thus far. Please notice that Elton is without crutches. Yes, he walked on his own! When I entered the room to see it for myself, I immediately cheered. The boys joined me in celebrating with hearty praise and approbation. The pain of physical therapy is beginning to bear tangible fruit. He’s so good at walking he can do it with his eyes closed.

standing up

Simeon was admiring Elton’s new shoes, so much that he put them on and went for a walk (and a talk). He didn’t get very far. 

Sim in Elton's shoes

Finally, Elton enjoyed talking on the phone with his family. Evidently they didn’t get the email stating that his return home was delayed until April 9. Family members are starting to gather and anticipation of his return is mounting. 

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