Elton: Day 34

Mancala. It’s an African game involving colored rocks and wooden bowls. Don, our good buddy, brought it over this afternoon and played with Elton. 

Don Mancala

After some fierce competition on the mancala board, the family jumped into the minivan and met me in Wheaton (where I work) to visit a couple of museums. We started with the Wade Center which has an extensive C.S. Lewis collection. Below, big brother Elton ties Simeon’s shoes.

Elton tying Sim's shoes 

Elton posing with C.S. Lewis. Supposedly, Lewis wrote many of his classic books on this desk.

Lewish and Elton

For me, the desk is the most exciting artifact in the Lewis collection. However for my boys, since they are enchanted by The Chronicles of Narnia these days, the big attraction was the wardrobe. It was fitting that after listening to four weeks of stories from Luke about Peter and Edmund entering Narnia through the closet, Elton would get to see it firsthand.

Elton on threshold of Narnia

Our second destination was the Billy Graham Museum. In the following photo Elton is preaching a sermon in one of Billy Graham’s portable pulpits.

Billy Graham's pulpit

the boys in the museum

Taking little boys to a museum is like trying to corral cats. You’d a thought that Luke had consumed a triple-shot espresso macchiato. 

At the cross   

If it wasn’t past my bedtime I would preach a sermon about the above photo. Elton in the crucible, on his way to the cross.

Stone Wall

After the cross and dark hallway of death, we were raised in the glorious resurrection. If you’ve ever been to the Billy Graham Museum you know that it’s an awesome experience to move from such extreme darkness into the light. Elton was mesmerized.


My boys were also mesmerized, but in a different way.

in thin air

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