Elton: Day 35

Elton’s talents are many. Today he and the family visited my in-law’s home.  This was the first time Elton was in into a two-story house. He was impressed by the size. While there, Elton enjoyed blini—a  Ukrainian crepe filled with cottage cheese and drizzled with raspberry sauce.  In addition to Ukrainian memorabilia, Mom trotted out her African souvenirs, including a broken down boat.  Within an hour Elton had sewed a new sail and repaired the frame.  After twenty years of sitting in dry dock, it’s now back in action. 

This evening, we walked to my next door neighbor’s house in order for Elton to learn the ins-and-outs of loading music onto his IPod. Daniel and Julie (pictured below) are the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of computer networking. With their help Elton is on his way to becoming the next Bill Gates.

Computer training

Finally, we returned home for dinner and a birthday celebration for Angela. After singing for Mamma and eating chocolate silk pie we watched the Princess Bride, which Elton thoroughly enjoyed. 

Happy Birthday

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