Elton: Day 36

Duck therapy. That was Simeon’s contribution to Elton’s rehab session this morning. As Nancy elevated and bent Elton’s knee, Simeon applied his duck to quack Elton’s back.

Gettin Strong Now 

He also treated Elton’s foot.

Duck Therapy

This evening we visited the home of my brother in law. Joseph and his siblings lived in Chad, Africa for several years. It was also special for Elton because Joseph owns a computer business, which is the sort of work that Elton would like to do.  As though that weren’t enough, Joseph’s brother, Nathanael, is a barista. Below are some photos of the cappuccino he made for Elton.

a cup to remember yuppie

After coffee we celebrated Angela’s birthday (a second time). In the absence of candles, she demonstrated the sign for candle flame. Finally, we watched Jungle Book in Joseph’s enormous screened, surround-sound theater.

finger candle peanut gallery

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