North Coast Calvary Chapel

There’s something nice, almost liberating, about teaching the Bible in a Hawaiian shirt. It may not be commonplace to wear one in Illinois, but here in Southern California it’s entirely natural, like eating avocado or twisting lime juice into a beverage.

North Coast fountainLast night I had the privilege of serving at North Coast Calvary Chapel. After meeting in a storefront for several years, North Coast recently purchased land and built some marvelous facilities. The architects obviously gave attention to form as they did function. This picture of Angela and me sitting at their fountain is one such example.  

I think last night may have been a first. When I asked the audience whether they had come from a Catholic background, nearly everyone raised their hand. With a sense of existential immediacy and depth, questions ranged from movements of historical theology to the delicate dynamics of chatting with one’s Polish grandmother about the role of Mary.

Picture 003

There are quite a few Italians here in San Diego according to an Italian woman from the Bronx whom I met last night. This evening we plan to visit Little Italy for dinner. Who knows, maybe I’ll decide to plant a church right in the middle of it. Preaching in a Hawaiian shirt and eating linguini among former Catholics. Here am I Lord, send me!

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